Termination of Membership

On any member having fallen in to arrears for a period of over three (3) months, the Hon. General Secretary & Treasurer shall draw his attention to the fact by a notice in writing under registered cover or delivered by hand informing him that unless the arrears be paid within 14 days of the date such notice his or her name shall be struck off the roll of members and that he shall lose his-rights and privileges of a member. The Hon. Treasurer shall table a list of such names at the next General Committee Meeting for approval of termination of membership of any such member. Any member whose name has been struck off for none payment of arrears of subscription or bar bill / bills may be readmitted at the discretion of the General Committee after all arrears have been paid. No. re-admission will be done within one month of a Special or Annual General Meeting.


Any member desirous of resigning from the club or changing his category of membership shall communicate his intensions to the Hon. General Secretary having paid his or her subscriptions in full up to the time of communication. The Hon. General Secretary shall place such communication at the next meeting of the General Committee for the approval. Any ordinary member whose notice of resignation or change of category of membership is received after the eleventh day of any month shall be liable for subscription for that month.