Expulsion of Member

Any member found guilty of breach of rule “Conduct and Duties of Member” (as above) may be expelled from membership of the club at a meeting of the General Committee consisting of at least 10 members. Any member dully expelled under the above rule shall be debarred from entrance of the club premises nor shall be entertained at the club or invited as a guest by the other members. For the information of the general body of membership his or her name shall be posted on the club notice board as having been expelled.

Any member expelled may secure re-admission by a duly constituted resolution at a General Meeting by a majority of not less than 2/3 of the members present at such meeting.


Any members whose name has been taken off the roll of membership under rule “Termination of Membership” and “Resignation” (as above) may at the sole discretion of the General Committee be re-admitted at the club on the payment of all dues.

(a) No entrance fee is payable
(b) A student member ceases to be such in the event of his ceasing to be a student of a secondary school. He may continue the membership of the club in another category without the payment of an entrance fee.