Application and Election of Members

(a) Application must be made on appropriate forms, proposed and seconded by two members, other than Student Members, Honorary Members and Associate Members with the entrance fee and the membership subscription for a minimum of six months enclosed with it, except out station members who shall pay one year subscription. The application form with the name, profession or occupation, the official address and the private address together with the name and signature of the proposer and seconder shall be submitted to the Hon. General Secretary who after exhibiting the application in the club notice board for at least seven days, will table same for consideration at the next meeting of the General Committee.

(b) Applicants for membership should receive a majority of two-thirds (2/3) present at the General Committee meeting for election as members. No applicant who has been rejected shall apply for membership again until the expiration of twelve calendar months from the date of rejection.

(c) On being elected a member, an applicant shall be so notified in writing by the Hon. General Secretary. He shall also be presented with a copy of the club constitution by which he shall be bound.

(d) In the event of an applicant being and it appearing subsequently at any time to the satisfaction of the General Committee that any statement contained in his or her application was incorrect the general committee may cancel his election and he shall be informed accordingly. No fees paid shall be refunded in the case of a member being struck off the roll of members.

(e) In the case of a student member the applicant also shall specify the name of the school which he or she attends.

(f) A person excluded from membership shall not be proposed again for membership till the expiry of twelve months from the date of such person the money received with his application.

(g) All applicants not complying with the above requirement shall be rejected by the Hon. General Secretary.

Conduct and Duties of Member

(a) Every member of the club shall be bound by the rules of constitution of the club and abide by the rules of the club for the time being in force, and by the rules, by-laws orders and decisions, lawfully made by the General Committee or by any Special Committee with the sanction of the General Committee.
(b) Every member shall conduct himself or herself with propriety and due regard to the convenience and feeling of other member and in such manner as shall not be injurious to the character and reputation, interest and good name of the member of the club.

Any branch of the preceding clause (a) and or (b) of above rule shall render the member or members in question liable for
I. Suspension of membership
II. Any other disciplinary action at the discretion of the General Committee
III. Expulsion as provided in rule “Expulsion of Member